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Want to share a recipe that you absolutely love? Want to be able to continue to share that recipe with your friends with a permanent link? Want to be able to print your recipe in a nice recipe format? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Recipe submission guidelines:

1. Its needs to be a recipe you love. A story to go along with your recipe is plus. (English only please)

2. Needs a main photo 400×400 pixels. You can have as many other photos in different sizes as necessary to complement the post.

3. Your own work, please. (Don’t copy recipes from another site, a box or recipe book and ask to post it as yours.)

4. Check your spelling and grammar thoroughly.

5. Check your website in your post is fine but no affiliate link.

6. No spam.

7. Food and recipe blogs are welcome to post their recipe here with a link back to their site.

8. Remember to include your recipe.

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