Ahmed Akbar Sobhan
Bashundhara Group
Primarily, BFBIL’s product assortment consists of wheat, flour, coarse flour, semolina and bran. To achieve its goal of producing superior quality food products that will enrich the lives of its consumers, BFBIL has established a state of the art flour mill at Pangaon in South Keraniganj near the banks of the Buriganga River. The Bashundhara flour mill has the distinction of being South Asia’s largest state of the art flour mill of European origin, with the capacity to produce a staggering volume of 1000 tons every day. It is equipped with 12 modern thermal system silos with a total capacity of 120,000 metric tons, ensuring quality grain bulk trading. In addition to that, the mill has its very own sophisticated laboratory dedicated to product quality testing and quality management. It is the largest laboratory in the country and works to ensure superior quality at each value addition stage of production.
The strategic location of the mill gives it access to ideal road and river transportation facilities to ensure the fastest and most effective delivery of products. Furthermore, BFBIL uses superior quality wheat imported from Canada, Australia and EU countries to prepare its products. With regards to human resources, the company believes the right people can lead the organization in the right direction and ensures that people possessing experience and excellent technical expertise are part of the BFBIL team. Moreover, to adhere to its standard of excellence, the company works with only the most reputed wholesalers, bakeries and food distributors of the country.